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Behold, All is Vanity and Vexation of Spirit

Influences included Major T.E, Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia), and films such as Kundun, the characters of Daniel Dravot and Peachy Carnahan in The Man Who Would Be King, the character of Sir Reginald Johnston in The Last Emporer and even the character of Percey Blakeney in The Scarlett Pimpernel gave me notions that I could make a difference in a 'truly great' way if I only set my mind to it.

The Very Beginning

Much to my disdain, I was born at Queen Mary’s Hospital in Sidcup when Sidcup was part of Kent.  I was always a bit envious of my peers born at Farnborough Hospital, which, to my mind, was a better start in life.  It sounded nicer than Sidcup, which, whenever we drove through, seemed to be between places; it wasn’t a destination; it was a place one went through and therefore was not a place for starting anything, let alone a life, my life. What could be done? Nothing. It was as it was.
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Feeling My Way | God’s Vinyard

Perhaps what you need to consider is if your calling is to the wider Church of God or if it is specifically to the Anglican corner of the vineyard?  
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Porvoo or Bust

Not long after chatting to my old boss Don Witts, he got back to me about the possibility of pursuing a Bishop's certificate with Southwark Diocese.
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Feeling My Way | Smith Says No

I had a positive conversation on the telephone where he clarified "Let's be frank, the return trip to Bangkok is impractical, not least because of the increasing COVID restrictions, and I suggest you pursue any options closer to you."
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Peculiar But Doable

"Let's meet at the Hawaiian Bar.  It's nearby where I live, and we can meet without masks because it's outside-ish.  It's on the ground floor of a defunct car park.  Do you know it?"  This is Thailand, so it is neither the first nor last time I have met somewhere, which might generally sound weird.
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Ricochetting Begins

So began a period where I was ricocheting about, getting advice, pursuing leads and slowly, sometimes imperceptively feeling a way forward. It was a difficult time, with lots of dead ends and lots of ideas. It was knowing that the journey had begun but not knowing the shape or length of the journey to come.

When I Could Ignore God No More

Then stronger than ever, my internal dialogue, the conversation I had ignored with God for too long, was louder than ever.   "Do it and do it now", it said.
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World Aids Day & Me

I started working in two areas specifically HIV/Aids as well as Homelessness.  I was fortunate to be paid for my work with homeless people.  By contrast, HIV/Aids work was a passion.


She looked into the mirror, turning sideways, as is her routine.  "I think I am getting fat.  I'll wear the other one." Standing behind her, I looked into the mirror.  She was getting fat; without a medical reason, a sure sign of greed and sloth. We both will need to drink more water and go swimming, I thought.  We had no excuse.  The pool was less than 100 meters from our house. We reverse the process, and she is now putting on the uniform skirt/Chinese top combo. "How do I look in this?" As always on the third change, I am over-enthusiastic.  I tell her she is beautiful, and after throwing down the mobile and giving her my undivided attention, I tell her this is my favourite.
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Global Warming

At least we all should be setting the example and demonstrating the benefits of those choices to the global market. After all, it is in our common interest.

As It Was At The Beginning, So It Is At The End

One of my favourite anecdotes relating to this was when she was reading the story Rapunzel. The word Rapunzel was a challenge for her, yet she knew there was a type of lettuce called Rapunzel. So when reading the story to us as we sat on the sofa next to her when we were young, she skipped the heroine's name in the fairy tale and instead replaced it with the word 'lettuce'.

My Heaven That is The Humble Bagel

But the bagel experience is more than just a bagel. It's wrapped up in my DNA, however much I might want to overcome it or have attempted to deny it in the past. I am one-half a Londoner and an East Londoner at that. I need to live with it. With folklore about the docks, the dance halls, old China-town from before the Blitz, tailors, cigar rollers, Jews, prostitutes, the old maid's chemist, Ginger Marks flyover, Catholic processions, loan clubs, black shirts, gangsters and boxing.


So, it begins as so many conversations have. It could be important or not important at all, but for the one explaining the dream, me, it feels important and so it is.

The stupidest thing I used to believe whole-heartedly

I knew the importance that the effects of mobility would have on my life and understandably I was pretty nervous.  Gordon Bachelor, my instructor, coached me week after week and prepared me for this day.  The sun was shining, and the morning was hot.  I don't know how, but I passed, and with only one or two exceptions, it stands out as a good thing I have done.

Glo Co. (Prologue)

He knew all around him thousands of people were living their lives, but in his space, as in all the units, only absolute silence when he listened for signs of life from outside his own enclosed environment; Nothing.

On commitment

I heard this on Radio 4 in early February this year. It really struck a chord with me and so I thought I would share it with you. I have always stuck to the mantra that "bold acts are the safest". I read that many years ago on the Burma Memorial…
This is a really cool video on YouTube and I thought you might like it.

mcdonald’s buns are typically very flat

The prospect of eating an overpriced bun which tastes the same as if it were bought in Croydon or Orpington, is amazing in spite of the massive logistical nightmare required to achieve such a feat, but also dreadfully boring because of the very same.

wreck poem

A poem by Christine. "Wreck"   She appeared Suddenly. Her shape All at once Familiar, Yet disturbing.   The dark body Of her, Split and open, In the blue. An invitation To pry and look;   The dark ribs Of her arc Upwards, Like…
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having not pointlessly walked for a while

I have never historically been a big fan of pointless walking to nowhere. so why this isolated snippet of a dream should have such a profound affect is a bit of a mystery.
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a caricature of terrorism

I think that there needs to be a rebalance in messages sent out in the media and by government to better engage the portrayal of, and opportunities for, average Muslims to have conversations with the rest of society; and vice-versa.

I didn’t need to sleep rough in Sharm

So, to the sound of the Survivors "The Eye of the Tiger" blasting loudly into my inner ear we drove like the wind out of town, past the airport into a place which has been referred to as 'just beyond the middle of nowhere'.

A long shory stort

Christmas will be spent just outside Moscow and New Year will be on a train in the middle of nowhere, just outside of Ulaanbaatar.

‘moon dial’ trauma

Part of the storyline was about a child who was only allowed to play out in the garden at night. The programme was really strange and was called ‘Moondial’.

His Holiness the Karmapa

I thought you might like this.  Very interesting.
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ash-flicked bubbles and vomit-fuelled foam

smearing themselves with ash-flicked bubbles and alcohol induced vomit-fuelled foam
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las palmera

Stall holders, artists, bohemians and the like meet and socialise inside and outside 'Las Palmera'.

a monkey economy as irrational as ours

How monkeys make similar decisions when faced with problems in the same irrational way as humans do.

ben nevis and the luss highland games

During the first Saturday in July I went with my sisters' family to the Luss Highland Games.  They featured the tug- o-war, field cycling, throwing the hammer, throwing the bushel and wrestling.In every event there was a token…

tv shack is a-ok

I have this evening been informed by the great man and my old pal 'TF' that this was not the end of the TV shack and that in fact they have moved to a new URL.

mr carter and bt

When you hear the BT guy talking to his supervisor the other end, he just asks for the call to be listened to, rather than doing as Mr Carter asks.
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the racist rock of dunoon

There are two guys I know called Thomas Rebel and Bill Child who are involved in a project to: “permanently obliterate a racist monument on the shores of the Clyde Estuary on the West coast of Scotland. “ The monument is a rock daubed with…

lego is not cheap

I have been in Reading for the past few days with a pal of mine.  We have been working on my new dive related project (watch this space). J told me that he had recently been on a trip to Legoland in Windsor.  Apparently it was…

embrace life

I have recently seen this advert entitled 'Embrace Life'.  I think that it's really clever. It does not use any negative reinforcement.  There's no blood, no image of a slumping child, in fact nothing shocking at…

used to the heady mix

Since coming back to the UK something that has been really obvious to me is the smell of Spring and Summer.  I don't think I have really stopped before to appreciate the smell of England or Kent, in particular.   In Lanzarote,…


I went to Cambridge last week.  I cannot recall ever having been there before.A shop that struck me is called CallyCo. located on Peas Hill.  As a child there was a strong arts and craft focus in our family home.  Surrounded…

the astonishing number of paper cups

Artist Chris Jordan shows us an arresting view of what Western culture looks like. His supersized images picture some almost unimaginable statistics -- like the astonishing number of paper cups we use every single day.
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windbreaks built from volcanic rock

As I drove down from Famara toward the salt works, I passed mile after mile of small semi-circular windbreaks built from volcanic rock.  The windbreaks surround one side of a dell dug from the pecan.  The dells and windbreaks are…
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the CPDRC dance troupe

This is the first of several dance routines filmed at Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center that I will be uploading. For more information about the CPDRC  CLICK HERE  (opens in a new window)

what’s it all about?

A while ago I witnessed a conversation between two maths dudes about the existence of God.The conversation went something like this:A: The question of what exists beyond what we know is a pointless or redundant question.B: How do you mean?A:…

time to change

I went to the cinema a couple of days ago.  Whilst in the loo, I happened to read an advert for the 'Time to Change' campaign displayed above the wash basins.  I think that for any change to happen more people need to get…

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