Sorry for the delay in writing.

Since arriving back on the rock I have been up to my eyes in diving, sun and generally going out and about meeting new people.  What a tough life…I hear you cry.  And you would be right.

One of the little gems which my pal SJ introduced me to is a little cafe in Teguise.  I am pretty sure I wrote about it before.

Essentially it is just off of the Lion Square.

June 2010 040

This is the outside just after the Sunday market has closed.  Stall holders, artists, bohemians and the like meet and socialise inside and outside 'Las Palmera'.  I recommend it to you.  But only if when you go in, you tell the guys there that I sent you. 

June 2010 008

This is the door.

June 2010 009

This is the bar.

June 2010 038

The guy in the hat is a really good bloke.  The whole place is filled with music, food, drink and spanish chat.  It is a really vibrant place.

June 2010 037

It's only small but you can fit a lot in.

June 2010 024

These are the Sunday afternoon musicians. 

June 2010 027

Counting money.


June 2010 019 

This is the kitchen.  It is really basic but produces amazing grilled meat.   If there is a reason not to be a vegetarian, this place is it.   So I can't become a veggie just yet!

June 2010 020

Better view of the grill.





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  1. Maciek
    Maciek says:

    Hi man, thanks for this post. Makes me want to go back there right now 🙂 Unfortunately our holidays are over for some time as the baby’s being born in December (it’s a daughter which is really cool, ’cause I couldn’t imagine myself playing soccer for hours – instead I can teach Iga how to take photos, paint and do all sortss of creative stuff). By the way, thanks again for helping me last June with the photos. You can check them out at I tried to catch you on our last day in Teguise, but you were already gone, and then I had a friggin busy time preparing for the opening of my business back home, so I’m terribly sorry for not getting in touch with you much earlier. As tonight I have one of the scarce quiet evenings I finally can say that it’s an interesting blog you have here. And how’s your dive tidy project? Cheers 🙂


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