Recognizing the issue of unjust Frozen Pensions issue, having engaged with several affected pensioners and the urgent need for reform, as a committed individual, I created a Facebook page

It leaves retirees vulnerable to inflation and the eroding buying power of their pensions. The rising cost of energy, food and other essentials, often higher in these countries than the UK, make the situation even grimmer.

Second place, second chance, second choice, waves crashing, bombs blasting, guns shooting, cars hitting, questions asked, answers given, people meeting, nice face smiling, children laughing, light shining and rain hitting the ground. All in a second.

The surreal experience of the ceremony, its profound impact on my soul, and the following heartwarming celebration will forever be etched in my memory. My journey continues, now enriched with the lessons learned on that momentous day, and I am ready to embrace whatever comes next with faith and gratitude.

At least we all should be setting the example and demonstrating the benefits of those choices to the global market. After all, it is in our common interest.