I am Rev. Lloyd Hobbard-Mitchell, an Englishman with a strong connection to Thailand.

On 28th May 2023, I was ordained as a priest, marking a significant milestone in my religious journey.

I have dedicated myself to the voluntary sector throughout my career, specifically focusing on homelessness and social welfare.

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Prayers, reflections, thoughts and the mission of Rev. Lloyd Hobbard-Mitchell. A British priest serving God, as he navigates life in Thailand. All content and opinions are his own.

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Leveraged broad experience working in the UK (London and the South East) and internationally to develop and implement best practices in areas including Homelessness (Housing, Health, Education, and Employment), Asylum/Refugee support, Youthwork, Experience-based hospitality, Education, and Community work, demonstrating leadership and innovation in addressing complex social challenges.


Leveraged years of education and diverse experiences to develop and hone a wide range of adaptable and transferable skills, demonstrating flexibility and proficiency across various roles and responsibilities.

Management & Project Oversight

Led and executed various management roles at all levels, consistently achieving excellence through strategic planning, development, and oversight of key projects and initiatives.


Managed and organized administrative tasks with a steadfast commitment to due process, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and completion of all responsibilities without omission.


Led the development and implementation of Quality systems for ISO compliance, successfully achieving accreditation for the Community Legal Service (CLS) and Matrix Mark, demonstrating a commitment to excellence in information, advice, and guidance services.

Crisis Management

Managed and navigated complex crises with effective problem-solving and mediation skills, consistently finding working compromises and maintaining a focused approach on desired outcomes.


Excelling at engaging diverse audiences, developing and maintaining lasting relationships, leveraging existing networks, and strategically solving problems faced by individuals and marginalized groups, demonstrating a people-centred approach and commitment to community empowerment.

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