In the labyrinth of environmental discourse, every action — no matter how radical — finds its roots in deeper moral and even Christian compulsions.  Let’s cut through the layers of controversy and delve into the moral and Christian arguments underpinning such actions.

Having worked with asylum seekers between 1993-1999 and managing a Kent-based service called Finding your Feet teaching English and integration to unaccompanied refugee children from 2005-2008 during a career focussing on Housing, Homelessness and other welfare-related projects and services, I maintain an educated interest in these issues. 

It deeply concerns me that charities and civil society groups face what can only be described as a “political attack” by certain ministers. The recent Civil Exchange and Sheila McKechnie Foundation report sheds light on this alarming problem.

With deep concern and compassion, we address the disturbing reports of Russian authorities’ systematic abduction of more than 700,000 Ukrainian children amid the ongoing conflict between the two nations.

Recognizing the issue of unjust Frozen Pensions issue, having engaged with several affected pensioners and the urgent need for reform, as a committed individual, I created a Facebook page

Critics argue that the government’s measures disproportionately affect working-class and minority-ethnic applicants. This article explores the implications of this policy within the framework of Liberation Theology, which emphasizes justice, inclusivity, and empowerment.

It leaves retirees vulnerable to inflation and the eroding buying power of their pensions. The rising cost of energy, food and other essentials, often higher in these countries than the UK, make the situation even grimmer.

The UK, a country known for its economic strength and global influence, is grappling with an insidious health crisis – tens of thousands of individuals, including hundreds of children, have been hospitalised due to malnutrition in the last year alone.

The Conservative government, marked by allegations of falsehoods during the Leave campaign and claims of its manipulation by Cambridge Analytica, was pivotal in the execution of Brexit. The same government has now signed a major trade agreement, the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).

How the UK Government, Portland, and wider society resolve this issue will serve as a testament to our collective capacity for empathy, understanding, and respect for human dignity.