Protecting Britain’s Democratic Spaces: Standing Against Anti-Protest Laws

In every cry of every Man,
In every Infants cry of fear,
In every voice: in every ban,
The mind-forg’d manacles I hear

William Blake

It deeply concerns me that charities and civil society groups face what can only be described as a “political attack” by certain ministers. The recent Civil Exchange and Sheila McKechnie Foundation report sheds light on this alarming problem.


Welcome to my WordPress blog, where we delve into important issues surrounding Britain’s democratic spaces. Today, we’re discussing a growing threat that deeply concerns me – the assault on charities and civil society groups by certain ministers. A recent report from Civil Exchange and the Sheila McKechnie Foundation sheds light on this urgent problem, which seems to go largely unnoticed.

The Menace of Anti-Protest Laws:

As a firm believer in freedom of expression and the right to peaceful protest, I find it troubling that the government is pushing forward with anti-protest laws. These restrictive measures not only hinder public campaigning but also cripple the invaluable work carried out by charitable organizations. We must stand against any attempts to silence dissenting voices and stifle democratic participation.

Culture Wars and their Harmful Impact:

Another issue highlighted in the report is the government’s involvement in culture wars. Such divisive tactics create an environment where constructive dialogue and shaping a common culture become increasingly challenging for both individuals and non-profit organizations. In a robust democracy, diverse voices and opinions should be celebrated, not suppressed.

The Undervaluing of Civil Society:

It is disheartening to witness wider segments of civil society portrayed as obstacles to the government’s plans and the people’s will. Civil society serves as an essential check and balance in British politics, and it must be respected for its vital role in upholding democratic principles.

The Urgent Need for Awareness:

The report underscores the necessity of recognizing the crisis before it escalates further. The UK’s recent downgrade in the global index of civic freedoms, fueled by an increasingly authoritarian government, should be a wake-up call for all citizens who value democracy and open public spaces for peaceful dissent.

The Troubling Factors:

The report raises several alarming factors contributing to the erosion of democratic values. From new ID restrictions on voting rights to “gagging” clauses in government contracts with not-for-profit groups and reduced access to judicial review, these measures undermine transparency, accountability, and overall governance quality.

Towards a Better Future:

To address this concerning situation, the report calls on people to unite and work together to arrest further decline and reimagine our democratic space. We must advocate for a system where people’s voices genuinely count and our democratic institutions remain accountable to the citizens they serve.


In conclusion, I stand firmly against the anti-protest laws and divisive culture wars orchestrated by the government. It is our responsibility as citizens to protect and uphold the integrity of Britain’s democratic spaces. Together, we can defend civil society, promote open dialogue, and safeguard the democratic values that form the bedrock of our nation. Let’s join hands to ensure that democracy thrives and our voices are heard.

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