Having worked with asylum seekers between 1993-1999 and managing a Kent-based service called Finding your Feet teaching English and integration to unaccompanied refugee children from 2005-2008 during a career focussing on Housing, Homelessness and other welfare-related projects and services, I maintain an educated interest in these issues. 

How the UK Government, Portland, and wider society resolve this issue will serve as a testament to our collective capacity for empathy, understanding, and respect for human dignity.

The decision of Robert Jenrick, Minister for Immigration, when he ordered the removal of murals featuring popular cartoon characters from the walls of child refugee detention centres has sparked a wave of controversy.

It is immoral for the UK government to send refugees to Rwanda, specifically through the lens of Christian metaphysics.  Christian metaphysics, with its emphasis on love, justice, and human dignity, offers profound insights into the moral dimensions of such decisions.