Susan Winehouse

My smoking experiment seems to be going well and I can now inhale without choking. 

Of late a friends grown-up daughter has been popping round.  Ernest Winehouse' daughter, Susan, has been popping round.  A month or so ago Ernest, a Conservative called my house as asked me on behalf of he and his wife to attend a dinner at their waterside home.

I asked if he was ok, and he was reassuring that he had 'no difficult questions'.

When I arrived I was shown by 'Mother' (a lovely woman) who, on passing an open door from the hall, mentioned that their daughter Susan is cooking.

Then Susan entered my life.

She spoke of far off lands, adventures on beaches with turtle shells, creating pearl jewellery and meeting all kinds of strange and wonderful people.

As it happens Susan is not at all hard on the eye, and has a charisma to bring soul to any dinner of any political persuasion; probably even any dinner, politics excluded.

Susan also had stories!!  Stories of people dying having given their life to explore.  Amazing!

This is not to say that Conservatives are dull, but very often people from the same party in the same Town will share opinions on what is the best way to resolve an issue, notwithstanding their political hue.  This can sometimes result in a lot of dancing around handbags with all parties saying "Your not wrong there" or simply "Yes".  This does not make for a great chat.

I have always found Ernest to be easy to get on with and easy to agree with, but during this dinner, it was special.  He spoke about how he met Mother and how they moved from land to land, before settling where they are now.   Conversation moved across continents and anecdotes were shared.   It was a good evening in fine company.

A week or so later and I was invited to The Sun Inn in West Street by Susan.  It is a really nice pub.  Although a lot of the character was ripped or covered when the antique and retro posters were removed or hidden, it is still the best pub.

This was significant since I had not been their since my mate and I saw my lost love there some months back.

I met Susan who proved herself to be individually an interesting conversationalist.  She was entertaining, lively and witty.  During this time I was called by my old mate and later in the evening, we three met up to continue drinking at home.  It was during this evening that I finally decided to start my social smoking.

Anyhow to cut a long story short, Susan has been around my house several times to help purge it of all its nonsense.  I went out to see my Nan, whilst my sis, Susan and my late dad's wife bagged up and removed 22 bags of stuff which was later taken to the tip.

Over that weekend (last week end) I had an impromptu gathering where I got very, very drunk to the point of oblivion.

I am assured that nothing too outrageous occurred.

At this point its worth pointing out that without the assistance of the three mentioned above, I know that my house would not have been in the condition it was for the people to move in.  

In recognition for her contribution to my home, Susan was rewarded with what she said she wanted the most (…but that is another story).

Susan remains a good pal to whom I am indebted.

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