Today I got off the merry-go-round

Today I got off the Merry-go-round.

It was pretty tense in the morning and time just flew away with itself.  A zillion little loose ends, just not done.

My late Dad's wife who from now I will refer to as 'Fni' has been so supportive; being the primary enabler of change, helping, encouraging with advice and guidance.  Although Susan and my sister broke the back of the house sorting, without the help of Fni since I went a bit bonkers following a family wedding last September, it is difficult to concieve where I would be.

Anyhow, no more of this sicophantic credit giving, I hear you cry!!

Gatwick South was an experience with a lighter I carried, causing much constenation and resulting in my being searched and ion tested.

Flight was good and I was sandwiched between two really charming people 'Jenny' and 'Julia'.

Jenny had been to other Canary Islands before and Julia has been coming to Lanzarote for 20 years.  I got on with them both and the 4-hour flight went very fast.

Lanzarote airport is a reasonable size, somewhere between Stanstead and Manston.


I wandered through the airport and called my new boss, Patrick.  It was agreed that he would pick me up from the front of the airport.


And so I waited for 5-minutes.

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  1. Fluttering Butterflyfish
    Fluttering Butterflyfish says:

    Onwards and upwards in the adventures of the meandering gullbadnogbee.
    Enjoy the underwater wonderland


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