Last weekend I went with some holidaying guys (Pipa, Big Dave and Anna) to LagOmar.  

We travelled by taxi from Cotsa Teguise and the journey took about 15 minutes.

There is some speculation about the circumstances surrounding his ownership or indeed his residence, but all agree that the actor Omar Sharif did by the house from a friend of his and soon after lost it in a game of cards.

On Friday and Saturday nights the gardens are used as a club.

Its a cross between a National Trust garden and a chilled club where although some people dance, most are sitting in groups chatting, meeting new people and making friends.  Extraordinary.

Lanz 2010 270
Big Dave coming into the house through its tunnel.

Lanz 2010 271
Blurd image of the aviary in the garden.  Its about twenty feet tall (just over 6m) and was probably for canaries.

Lanz 2010 273 

Pool in garden by the aviary

Lanz 2010 281 

A walkway leads us from one part of the garden to another

Lanz 2010 277
The swimming pool.

Lanz 2010 274 

Walkway from garden through to bar

Lanz 2010 294 

Sky lights which look down into a walkway tunnel, meanwhile we walk overhead toward the bar.

Lanz 2010 296 

The bar which is in a cave-room.

Lanz 2010 297 

Its the light, not any other reason which makes this a blurred picture!  You'll have to believe me.

Lanz 2010 305 

Me, Pipa, Anna and Big Dave after being laughed at by some canarian teens.  If only they knew – fools!

Some day time images of the place

The place is amazing and I definatly suggest that if you are in Lanzarote, you make the time, day or night to see it.  It is so cool.

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  1. Derek Allen
    Derek Allen says:

    Glad to see you are still active – a week without a blog update? Sorry I didn’t join you for Omar’s but Saturday required a quiet night.
    Ex-dive buddy, Derek.

  2. Gullbad Nogbee
    Gullbad Nogbee says:

    Cheers Derek,
    It was a real pleasure to undertake the Advanced Open Water with you.
    I think that the tapas was the highlight, eating a load of stuff never before tried (with no ill effects – thank God!).
    The worlds a small place and maybe one day our paths will cross again, stay in touch.
    All the very best.


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