Up and down I was sent and hauled

Today I learnt about rescue whilst observing the instruction style and participating in two elements of the BSAC Ocean Diver rescue dive, namely the 'air assisted assent' and the controlled buoyancy ascent.

I was asked to be the 'casualty' and after being shown by the instructor, the client was asked to perform the exercises. Up and down I was hauled and sent.  My right ear took a bit of a bashing, but even that was an interesting experience. 

Simon the client was a great guy and his beautiful family (wife and son) came along for the ride to the dive site.

Later I went on a pleasure dive with Simon and the instructor seeing:

•    - a cuttlefish
•    - 2 angel sharks
•    - grouper

Simon touched and held an Angel Shark's tail which made his wife and son very proud, when they were told after the dive.

Tonight I am going to visit Omar Sharif's house in Lagomar with a few of the guys I have met since arriving.  The gardens are meant to be amazing.

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