Ghana images – views from the hotel veranda

We stayed at Esther's place.  The following images were taken from the veranda whilst we waited for various appointments.

Builder with pan on head 3
A builder constructing a new aviary carries his pan on his head between loads.

Hotel front garden flower 1
Flowers which I have only ever seen for sale as house plants grow abundantly in the hotel grounds.

Hotel front garden flower 2

Over exposed but still a beautiful image.

Hotel front garden flower 9
A bat plant.  I recently bought one of these for Dad's wife.

Lizard 8
These colourful lizards scamper around.  This is a male.  The females are a little plainer.

Peacock feathers 1
A peacock struts around showing off his feathers.

Peacock head 1
The peacock stops for a moment to pose for the camera.

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