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Of course, the grass is greener, except for those folk who have no grass, and in that case, we are told to remind ourselves that we are lucky with what we have. We should not crave or covet the grass of those who own the greenest field but rather be thankful for the somewhat green grass in the plot we rent. More than this, the elite would have us condemn those with no grass as lesser than ourselves, lazy ne’er-do-wells; ‘the undeserving poor’.

In this article, we invite you to reconsider the things that truly warrant our offense and to prioritize the urgent social issues that demand our attention.

In the heart of South Asia, a region steeped in vibrant cultures and historical grandeur, lies a somber truth – the persistent shadow of human rights violations. As I reflect on the narratives that have shaped our understanding of this region, I am compelled to underscore the critical need for development and implementation of comprehensive research strategies to confront these injustices.

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