1.0 Introduction

Introduce yourself with your name, role, and location.

“Hi, I’m Joan Smith, overseeing the Needle Exchange in Trumpton.”

2.0 Short Summary of Your Top Tip or your idea for positive change.

Share a concise version of your key advice.

“I advocate for greater compassion towards those with addiction in Trumpton and beyond.”

 3.0 Expand upon your summary.

Elaborate on your idea’s impact and implementation.

This section works best if you pose a question and then answer it.

“How can we humanise those who suffer from addiction?  Let’s foster kindness towards addiction, prioritizing accessible support services and community engagement.”

4.0 Call to Action

Conclude with an actionable step for viewers.

“Join me in advocating for compassionate solutions to addiction.”

 5.0 Time

Keep the video under either 1 or 3 minutes for optimal engagement.

6.0 Orientation

Video length detrmines the best orientation:

Less than 3 minutes (landscape)

Less than 1-minute (portrait)

7.0 Bio and Links

Provide a brief bio and any relevant link you want us to include on any posts we share on social media.  Links have to take people to a place which is relevant to your video.

You might use it to showcase your work, make an appeal for fundraising or do a ‘how to’ encouraging others to copy you.  It is up to you – but make the link relevant.

8.0 Branding is fine.

We have no issue if you need to include organisational branding on the video.

9.0 Opportunity

Contributors will only upload 3 video’s per year – so make it your best work!

10.0 Originality equals traction

We only accept original material.  This is because videos that have been shared before elsewhere generally do not perform well on social media.  If you want your message to be heard, create a new video.