used to the heady mix

Since coming back to the UK something that has been really obvious to me is the smell of Spring and Summer.  I don't think I have really stopped before to appreciate the smell of England or Kent, in particular.  

In Lanzarote, the air is dry and odourless.  No smell of grass, of flowers or anything really.

From getting off the plane in the UK, the smells were extraordinary.  It is likely that there were in fact no new smells, just that in the past I have been oblivious to them, as I was oblivious to so much. 

Smells that have been really overpowering have included freshly cut grass, crops, chives (and herbs in general) and, of course, roses.

Since pausing a few times over the past couple of weeks to smell the air, it is clear that again my senses are getting used to the heady mix of pollen, grass and other lush vegitation.  Occasionally in the mornings as I walk through the back door into the garden, I get a sensual revival, but no sooner has it registered, it is gone for the day.

Much to my regret.

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