Trust the gut

After the New Year madness in the Clyde, I drove down South, dogless
and keen to know whether fate would give me reason to stick around or

I arrived home and checked my post and emails – no documents.

sent an email from my iPhone to my contact explaining the frustration
of needing documents I had been instrumental in writing and not
receiving them. I explained that if I did not receive them over the
course of the week, I would walk away. The feeling itself was quite

On the Tuesday I had a response. The documents would not be with me. As I suspected.

emailed my old bosses and explained my position. I reflected on the
situation and can see that maybe more space and time is needed by the
incumbent management to update the existing documents in order that
they have 'ownership'. I confirmed that I was happy to walk away for a
year when I would check back in to see if they needed any help then.

This or more the tome of my email
caused some small amount of resentment from the incumbent, but as
adults we explained our different positions to each other and I hope
parted with mutual respect.

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