the slow rhythm of an aqua-blue sea

Best bit
of today was this morning when diving toward the pink coral at Puerto del

beams of light shone down at strange angles through holes in the cloud high
above and then again through the water’s mirroring surface. The undulating
yellow sand below showed the surging effects of ebb and flow as the current
carried us through two shoals of small fish; which all at once parted, engulfed
and surrounded us, above and below.  Everywhere we looked orange/brown
Atlantic Damsels to our left and silver Sardines to our right moved with
collective intelligence, thousands of fish moving as if one organism to the
slow rhythm of an aqua-blue sea.

the fish shimmer at the best of times, with this small forest of fifty, or so, narrow
intense rays of sun, single fish were sometimes caught, lit brighter than the
rest, as they swam through the spot lights.  Caught for a second, their
colours shone and glowed, before they quickly swam into the security of
obscurity amongst countless others that looked the same as them.

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  1. Gullbad Nogbee
    Gullbad Nogbee says:

    Hey M,
    Cheers for the feedback. It was so cool. The only thing missing was some Maria Callas or Joan Sutherland performing the mood music.
    Very soon we will be seening bait balls of Sardines and Anchovies and I cannot wait to see a mega-shoal.


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