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We traveled to a hardwood logging/processing plant.

FABBI - chain gang 2

A chainsaw operator cuts through a trunk with his meter long blade.

FABBI - employees
Workers pose for the camera.

FABBI - employees 3
More workers pause for the shot.

FABBI - manufacturing floor 3 (b&w)
The manufacturing floor looms large in front of us.

FABBI - milll saw 2
The mill saw drags logs across its blade.

FABBI - steamers 3
Freshly cut wood is placed into a steamer.

FABBI - steamers 4
After 2 months the logs start to show their potential colours.

FABBI - steamers 6
After three months the logs have changed colour completely with all manner of oranges and browns.

FABBI - timber waiting to be processed
The scale of the operation is slightly overwhelming.

FABBI - workers lockers
Employees personal belongings are left in beautiful simply made lockers alongside the production line.