mr carter and bt

I heard this last week and thought it was really funny to the point that I laughed so much my stomach ached for two days afterwards.

What is really incredible is that the BT guy didn't listen to Mr Carter, instead he said midway through, "It'll only take a couple of minutes."

When you hear the BT guy talking to his supervisor the other end, he just asks for the call to be listened to, rather than doing as Mr Carter asks. 

It would have been a better ad for BT if the BT had said to his supervisor "Can we ensure that Mr Carter's name is removed from the list."  Instead we are left never knowing whether BT ever called Mr Carter back to fulfill the sales script.

This is pure rage on the part of Mr Carter and I am not sure who I have more sympathy for.  Has he been harrased to the point of madness?  Brilliant!

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