Making life simpler

A couple of days ago, I spent time going through all of the direct debits and standing orders I no longer needed or rated.

years I had systematically joined a host of institutions and societies
which I thought gave me some sort of 'respectability'.

I stopped going to meetings back in August and in some cases downgraded membership to a 'country' status.

of them were useless and amounted to at least a third of outgoings
where I saw no return.  Sure, they sent journals or magazines through
my door, but ultimately, what did I have to show for it?  Nothing.  All was vanity and vexation of spirit, as they say.

as I have found out too late, self respect and happiness is all that
matters.  You can have all the memberships in the world, but if your
alone and miserable, they're less than worthless. 

So out went the spaghetti alphabet of nonsense, except for the Royal Geographical Society.  Of all, the RGS may now be useful.

We will see.

For more information on the Royal Geographical Society (CLICK HERE) 

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