How this is going to work

You need to be patient while I bring you up to date with what has happened over the last month.

After the preamble, I will then keep you informed of what's going on as regularly as I can and for when I can't, a network of chums will help to update you via the contents of postcards I send to them.

In this way, things I see, people I meet and experiences I have will be shared with you, whether I have internet access or not.

Each story is a snap shot in time, a glimpse at a pin point in my life. 

My brain and in particular the recollections which emanate from deep within my psyche do not appear as clear-cut chronologically defined timelines.  With each reminiscence I am transported almost literally to where I am at the time, who I am with, what I smell, hear and touch.   

Although in each case not all details are recorded, I am nevertheless plagued with obscure small details and unforgivable irrelevant thoughts which after an event in my life, whether a memorable experience or a defining turning point, all at once become part and parcel of the memory.  Maybe this is normal or maybe it is not. 

Notwithstanding its normality I hope to share some stories with you that I equally hope are interesting, entertaining, insightful or amusing.

You should also note that throughout these meanderings names of individuals and places might be changed where it helps protect the subject or myself, or where simply it reduces the likelihood of anyone objecting to this blog for whatever reason.

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