I once overheard the most tedious conversation ever, in Orpington near the entrance to the small Sainsbury’s supermarket.

Two people were pushing buggies toward each other and when one noticed the other said, “Alright!  How you doing, alright?”

The other replied “Alright! We’re alright, you alright?”

The first confirmed, “Were alright.”

The second looking at the face of a mobile phone said, “Alright, well we gotta go, alright?”

The first, “Alright then, take care, alright?”

The second, “Alright, you too, see-ya” 

The first, “Alright”

By the end of it, I was not feeling alright and a little dizzy, as in seven exchanges the same word had been used ten times and probably both participants would have agreed it was a ‘good chat’ having not seen each other for some time and maybe they had.

The English language is an incredible thing isn't it?

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  1. Bonita ellmore
    Bonita ellmore says:

    I loved this one. It made me really laugh and reminded me of a guy I stopped to ask directions. Unfortunately, he finished each sentence with “right?”. “so you turn left, right? Then take the second right, right?” and so on. Very confusing and amusing at the time.


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