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I have read on facebook the following statement a few times on people's satus bars this morning:

"People need to understand that children
with special needs are not sick, they are not searching for a cure,
just acceptance. This week is for special needs education. Ninety three
percent of the people will not copy and paste this. Will you be part of
the seven percent that will and will you leave it on your wall for at
least an hour???"

I know that more people glance at my blog articles than read my facebook status and so I decided to include the statement here.

I have also found a special needs education pack produced by the Orchard Hill Elementary School about special needs education.  You might find it interesting if your knowledge of special needs is limited or naively prejudiced.  If you want to know more, take a glance at it.

So, there lies the challenge.  Will you distribute the paragraph above?  Will you read a little about special needs?  I hope so.

Download SNAP_Information_Packet

Also please find HERE information abour the National Autistic Society.