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I went to Cambridge last week.  I cannot recall ever having been there before.

A shop that struck me is called CallyCo. located on Peas Hill. 

As a child there was a strong arts and craft focus in our family home. 
Surrounded by my mother, sister, auntie and grandmother, I was actively
encouraged (if not beaten) to learn the finer points (if you can pardon
the pun) of all things needlework related  including tapestry, crochet,
embroidery, knitting, patchwork and quilting.

CallyCo. is a small haberdashery shop with a clean modern style, yet at the same time the shop feels 'traditional' by placing customer service and quality of stock at the forefront of its approach.   The company is owned by Caroline Preen.

This fresh young company produces bespoke items for sale including memo boards, aprons, cushions, doorstops all designed to complement any home.   My description of their services would not be complete if I did not mention their excellent making up service enabling customers to have curtains, blinds and cushions lovingly designed and beautifully made to exact specifications.

UK 040610 351

The shop display is beautiful demonstrating the diverse stock contained in this quaint little street. It really is very inviting.

UK 040610 352

A rainbow of coloured ribbons hang tantalisingly, inviting customers to buy just the amount they need.

At CallyCo. customers don't have to buy a pre-packed plastic pouch of too much when the small amount needed can be cut precicely and not wasted or overcharged. 

It's an old fashioned concept but it wastes less, is cheaper and makes more sense.

UK 040610 353

 Spring coloured material is stored on shelving waiting to me cut by the meter.

UK 040610 354 

The shop is clean, not over-dressed and well ordered.

UK 040610 355 

Racks of material rolls stand displaying their vibrant patterns.  All crying out to be chosen to be made into beautiful things.

UK 040610 356 

Everywhere one looks, coloured textiles hang like flags celebrating imagination and creativity. 

Handmade buntings hang in the window waving to passers-by.

UK 040610 357 

Found throughout the shop are examples of works made from the stock.  A small ballet-shoe cushion  modestly sits in a corner, hoping to attract the attention of a customer, sparking inspiration and the self confidence to make something like this for their nursery or bedroom.

UK 040610 358

Small knick-knacks and other gift ideas are also available to buy.

UK 040610 360

More rolls of fabric jostle for attention.

UK 040610 359 

More gift ideas and other pretty little items all compete for eye time.

UK 040610 364 

Patterened material bolts displayed in racks.

UK 040610 363

Stripes and chickens.

UK 040610 365 

Pinks, white, reds and blue.

UK 040610 366

I ask you; who doesn't love buttons?  or a full spectrum of threads even.

UK 040610 372 

This whole section of textiles is great and probably due to the union flags print, fills me with a kind of wartime nostalgia.  I instantly want to live a simple life, eat real food, go up to the Penny Pictures for the news followed by the Troxy for a dance; before taking a walk or getting a tram home.  Where did all that come from??  

UK 040610 371 

Ooh buttons!! and a great little Silko chest of drawe.

UK 040610 370 

This is a great  zinc-topped piece in the shop resembling something produced these days by by Kent and London of Whitstable. In this case its is used to sell remnants and fat quarters for patchwork enthusiasts. 

UK 040610 368 

Netty and Bethany go about their work behind a beautiful tradional looking counter with an inlaid brass meter rule.  Here they are stocktaking and dealing with customer enquiries.

If you want to visit the shop or if you have any enquries about products or services, the contact details are:


TEL: 01223 778744



TEL: 01780 753409