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I bought this McDonald's back when I was in Lanzarote. I have just stumbled on the images in my Photosandbox./imagebank

I like the idea of trying different fast food around the world to demonstrate to myself how bland choices are when faced with the ever dominating global brands which affect our lifestyle and diet in particular. 

Don't get me wrong, my taste buds drool at the thought of a Big Mac as much as the next man. 

What I mean is when thinking about the mixed grills available for small change on the island in the back streets of Teguise, for example, the prospect of eating an overpriced bun which tastes the same as if it were bought in Croydon or Orpington, is amazing in spite of the massive logistical nightmare required to achieve such a feat, but also dreadfully boring because of the very same.

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What makes eating a McDonald's in various countries abroad interesting is the relativly minor differences one can observe.  I recall in Athens, Greece, the bun was different.  Obviously it must have gone through various market trials and the buns they used there were more spongy and kept their picture perfect shape.  In the UK, the McDonald's buns are typically very flat and unflattering.

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In Lanzarote, the bun was nothing special.  What was extraordinary to what is available in the UK, is that I was able to buy a beer to go with my Big Mac meal.  This was pretty cool.

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