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Having been given the email contact details of a dive school in Lanzarote, I tried getting in touch last week.  No reply.

week I was informed that the interface between Hotmail and Terra is
often having an argument so emails are delayed or lost.  Ridiculous as
it sounds, it's true. 

I telephoned one of the contacts last
night who explained that the principle of me doing the courses I need
to go forth into the wide world and procure gainful employment from
diving is not a problem.  That it would take about 6-weeks and that I
would need to talk to the boss about an intern placement in the
morning.  He seemed a really nice chap who was very keen to explain all
the considerations ahead of me.

This morning I phoned the boss. 

seemed really switched on.  The telephone call was short and sweet.  Yes, the
intern placement is a goer.  Yes, it will take a month and a half to
complete 60 dives necessary to qualify.  I would need to undertake a
first aid course and that I would not need to bring any of my own
equipment, everything will be supplied including the encyclopedia and

Wow! so the game is on.

This evening I followed up
with a call to the house of the guy I spoke to last night.  His wife
was very accommodation and explained that accommodation would be
available at least in principle for the first two weeks.  If it does
not work out, then they would help me find some else on the island that
is reasonable.

So this is good news and demonstrates that the
no-plan plan is good so long as every opportunity is followed up and
one is flexible.  It also demonstrates once again that network-based
leads are good leads to follow.

Now I just need to pack up some more of my books and throw away even more of the repulsiveness which fills my house.