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In my house I have three aquariums.

One is
significantly bigger than the two others and has six coldwater goldfish
swimming in it (one big and five very small).  The two small tanks were
bought for me by my lost love as birthday presents a few years ago.  At
their zenith they accommodated a thriving community of Guppies. 

are live bearing and breed like nothing else.  With such short breeding
cycles you can successfully influence new colours and shape strains
within a matter of months.  Lots of interest was given to 'the
Gupsters' and notes were kept on the kitchen notice board of their
names, with corresponding tail drawings, identifying who was who.  I
would recommend Gupsters to anyone, but most especially for families
with kids.

With the 'no-plan plan' and after I had agreed the placement for Noggin I was now thinking about the fish.

"What to do with the fish tanks?", I said to myself.  Then the answer came, "Facebook!"

try to keep my status updated or at least relevant to where life is and
so I put the problem to my enormous cohort of 'friends' (a minority of
whom I have seen, whilst the majority I probably have not seen or
spoken to for 20 years and some are just strangers who wanted to be my
friend and who appeared to be friendly enough).

a day an old pal had messaged back, her and her boyfriend were happy to
take the big one.  This was excellent news.  The no-plan plan is now
really coming together.