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“What are you doing with your house?” came the message from Facebook.

My pal, already looking to take care of my fish, was inquiring about the gaff.

my ‘no-plan’ plan, again I had not really thought about the detail and
so having thought about it for all of a millisecond, I answered,
“probably going to see if I can rent it.”

Later that
day, another message came with a plan all laid out.  Subject to
figures, they would rent the house and look after the fish and bees.

it happens her and her boyfriend are looking to move.  They are
thinking of buying an old barn and converting it to live the good life
nearer to Bristol and Bath.

We talked figures which covered my mortgage and although not signed in blood, its pretty much agreed.

They are looking to move in during the third week of March.

have seen the house before and so know its unique condition and in a
couple of weeks they are going to pop down with his two little kids to
check out kiddie amenities.

All of that from a Facebook message asking about help with fish.