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I thought I should share with you some of the images I took on the island during the day trip and in this case I will show you the people I saw on Sunday morning.

Graciosa 180410 159

As we got off the ferry we were welcomed by this old dude with his traditional Canarian hat.

Graciosa 180410 160

On the island there are only a few cars and so most imports are transported by wheelbarrow.

Graciosa 180410 161

Child crying.

Graciosa 180410 167

People talking.

Graciosa 180410 168

Two people sit in silence sharing each others company.

Graciosa 180410 188 

Kid plays with a bottle which has been dropped by the baby in the buggy.

Graciosa 180410 195

Old guy who I guess is Grandpa takes the two brothers for a walk.

Graciosa 180410 201

Girl sits by her dog.

Graciosa 180410 211 

Man taking his barrow to the harbour for some goods.

Graciosa 180410 212

Two women gossip outside the church.