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I parked in the underground car park, not two minutes walk away.  I had not thought to check if parking was available outside the Kensington Gore entrance, but from now on, I will.

I wandered past the Tunisian Embassy before crossing Exhibition Road to the new front door of the RGS.  I visited once before the 'unlocking the archive' scheme was complete but did not get too far into the building. 

This time I had an appointment with Shane Winser at "Geography Outdoors".  As I am sure most of you are still on the edge of your seats from last weeks post about the importance I had placed on the visit, the office occupied by Go which was formally the Expedition Advisory Centre is not only the same space, but also looks, feels and smells the same.  If this can be used as a bench mark, then all in the world of the RGS is fine!

Shane listened to my 'no-plan plan' over a cup of coffee and when we parted provided me with two pieces of advice:

1) Look at the digital explorer book of 'Geoblogging for Travellers' (www.digitalexplorer.co.uk)  – check!

2) get in touch with Rob from Escape the City (www.escapethecity.org) – who I telephoned on my way home – check!

Hoorah for the RGS!!  Hoorah for the EAC and for its new incarnation – GO!!