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I have recently seen this advert entitled 'Embrace Life'.  I think that it's really clever.

It does not use any negative reinforcement.  There's no blood, no image of a slumping child, in fact nothing shocking at all.  Its just beautiful. 

Yet its message is sbold, trong and effective. 

I am told that the concept of this ad was thought up not be an ad guru, but a normal bloke who felt very strongly about this issue and who got in touch with his local road safety agency, Sussex Police, I think.  The film has now swept around the world in the best spirit of the interweb. 

I am  and always have been particularly poor at remembering to wear a seatbelt in the past, but I think this ad really does carry a message about who wants you safe.  Your loved ones.

I am not sure I am completly cured of my habitual unrestrained style of driving, but will reflect on this ad whenever I remember to clunk click every trip.