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Quite recently I had the opportunity to listen to an audio book:

Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell is brilliant and as a result I have recently added it to my Gullbad Bazar.

Tipping point

Read by the author, the book tries to demonstrate the nature of epidemics; of ideas, of messages, of diseases and of behaviour.

It does this very successfully in my opinion, drawing upon a broad collection of academic research, news stories, historical fact and cleverly illustrates how small things can make a big difference, often without planning or overt reason.

Later in the book it discusses the trend in youth smoking and the nature of smoking itself.

One interesting fact I learnt is that smokers typically over estimate the average number of years lost from their life as a result of smoking.  They commonly believe all of the anti smoking adverse health related literature and say things like 15 or 20 years will be lost. 

The truth is that only 6 years on average are lost from a smokers life.  I say 'only' a little tongue in cheek and a large hint of irony.  How much would I give to spend six more years with Dad?

After listening to the author I have discussed smoking with several people and finally decided that as a means of facilitating better relationships whilst travelling, to assist in sharing stories and better relating to people, I will learn to smoke.

'The dying habit' is though a contentious issue for me since so recently dad passed away, having been a smoker all his life.  I am sure were they alive, neither Mum nor Dad would approve; but they are not alive. 

In any event, I am an adult and have no intention of habitually smoking, purely to use fags as a means of striking up more conversations with more people with a view of making more friends.  

My mate is coming round this evening to teach me how to roll a fag properly.

NOTE: In order that this article is 'balanced' please see information here: http://qwitter.tobaccofreeflorida.com/#content regarding help to quit smoking.