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Wednesday is day
filled with potential.  I remember learning about supporters and
resisters, enablers and constraints.  This Wednesday I have two
appointments with people who can provide information which will support
and enable or resist and constrain.  
I have an
appointment first thing with the Chartered Institute of Journalists and
I have confirmed a meeting with what is now known as 'Geography
Outdoors' with the Royal Geographical Society at 2pm.  
'Go' as it
is now known used to be called the Expedition Advisory Centre (EAC).  
It looks to me like the branding guys have come in and in order that an
acronym can be created encouraging people to 'Go!', the whole
department was renamed.  Even in its 'New Labour' – 21st century guise,
I still need to seek information, advice and guidance for my no plan
decision makers probably listened to facts and arguments that 'Go' is a
brand that will take the work of the department into the future or some
such.  Maybe I am just a sentimentalist but the Expedition Advisory
Centre did its job in an unfussy way for decades and was well
Having not
been up therefore some time, I expect it is now lit with full spectrum
fluorescent strips and having lost the old school wooden furniture,
thread bare carpets and cluttered common-room feel in its
modernizing. I certainly hope not.   It was always strange knowing that
so many great explorers had been in the rooms and sat at the same old
desks gave inspiration.  
Maybe so long as the job fulfilled is done in the same manner and to
the same excellent standard, even if it is a sanitized un-cluttered
office, what does it matter?  We'll see if the 'spirit' has been lost
with the old name.
I will of course update you with how I get on.