Seeing The 11th Hour at First Hand

In the heart of Africa, where nature thrives,
Lies a rainforest, where life’s beauty survives.
But alas, a dark shadow falls upon this land,
As greed and destruction now take their stand.
And if we continue to destroy and ignore,
The consequences will knock on our own door.
So let us remember, in our hearts forever,
That protecting the rainforest should be our endeavor.


A chainsaw operator cuts through a trunk with his meter-long blade.

Workers pose for the camera.

More workers pause for the shot.

The manufacturing floor looms large in front of us.

The mill saw drags logs across its blade.

Freshly cut wood is placed into a steamer.

After 2 months the logs start to show their potential colours.

After three months the logs have changed colour completely with all manner of oranges and browns.

The scale of the operation is slightly overwhelming.

Employees personal belongings are left in beautiful simply made lockers alongside the production line.