Early Years

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Of course, these days, the notion of leaving kids alone, with no money and no telephone for hours on end in a museum in London would be considered neglect, but to us, it was just magical.

All I know is that as I write this, I am still training to be a priest, trying to get some funds in to extend the church’s services in the community whilst David Norris, the killer of Stephen Lawrence remains in prison.

Much to my disdain, I was born at Queen Mary’s Hospital in Sidcup when Sidcup was part of Kent.  I was always a bit envious of my peers born at Farnborough Hospital, which, to my mind, was a better start in life.  It sounded nicer than Sidcup, which, whenever we drove through, seemed to be between places; it wasn’t a destination; it was a place one went through and therefore was not a place for starting anything, let alone a life, my life.

What could be done? Nothing. It was as it was.

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