MeWho is Gullbad Nogbee?

I worked in the voluntary sector in London and Kent between 1993-2009 dealing with people who were homeless, suffering addictions or living
with poor mental health. Over the years I was also fortunate to work
with asylum seekers and young people.

I enjoyed my work and hope that
people benefited from what I thought, said and did.
As far as politics is concerned, I am open minded enough to see merit
in a good argument or when evidence is presented notwithstanding what
colour it’s painted.  I have had experience participating in the local political landscape and I hope, here too, I made a positive contribution to the planning process amongst other things.

I am interested in faith and enjoy exploring
common truths over difference between different faiths.

Friends and family are pretty spread out and I do not see them as much
as I would like, although I do try to speak, see or spend time with them as often as possible.

I am not too familiar with popular music but, can tell you when I like something I hear.  From experience, I know that I like barn dances and live ‘folky’ performance.  I steer clear of night clubs.

I would hope that people who know me describe me as decent, funny and
able to treat serious things seriously. One of my top ten worst fears
is to be described as ‘boring’.

I don’t mind someone else having the last
word or having a better story – I think that’s what life is about.

People are my passion though, and I never tire in meeting new or
caching up with old friends.

What made you start a blog?

Well, I had a tough 18 months between March 2008 an the end of 2009.  Life as I knew it came to an end. 

My father passed away, my career came off its tracks and most devastatingly, I lost my love.  Any one of these things force people to rethink their lives, but for me, the loss of my best friend who I had been with through thick and thin for 5 years represented the ‘tipping point’. 

I think its true to say that what with everything else that was going on, my head was not in the right place to give her or her son the attention they deserved and so in the end, love and affection were sought elsewhere.  The equal and opposite effect of them going from my life was that immediately, my purpose was gone.

I decided to run away.  When telling an old pal what I was thinking of doing etc. etc, he told me to write a blog and so, here I am.

Why write a blog?

This web-log will document the methods I hope to initiate for trying to distract myself from the gray dislocated life I now have left.  A situation I am very keen to walk away from.

It is entirely self indulgent but like anything else I do from here on, it will at least be authentic, honest, distinctive, hopefully entertaining and engaging.

I suppose the process of laying oneself out in text is quite cathartic.  Reminiscing, thinking aloud and sharing those thoughts and even just making observations.  No doubt I will get to unpack feelings I have and go over choices I made, whether right or wrong at the time.  Maybe even, others might learn from mistakes I made whilst I hope to reflect, learn more and change as events unfold. 

With my no-plan plan, who knows where it will end.  The journey however
between here and there will, I hope, be of interest to some.