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“There is nothing in this world quite like the feeling of cold sea air going deep into your lungs. The sea and I are tied together. One way and another, for most of my life, the sea has given me a place to live and food in my belly. I love the sea and her infinite moods. I’ve watched her turn from ‘Bible Black’ to pink/purple calm in the blink of an eye. ”

— Bernard Lynch 2012

Lynch’s journey

Born in 1952 in Cork, Ireland to a family steeped in fishing.  Lynch spent the beginning part of his life on his families trawler, hence his love of the coastline and natures landscapes with an absolute fascination in cloud formation and natural lighting.

The family expected him to take up work on his fathers trawler having not fared too well in school.

As he neared the end of his teens, the sounds and excitement of the sixties called him to London.  Cork could not restrain him and he made his way via the Holyhead ferry to the ‘Big City’.

With the sixties in full swing Lynch was soon hanging out with musicians, writers and artists where he soon found a job as an assistant to a painter and worked part time in the painters wife’s gallery.

In 1972, Lynch’s employer moved his studio to Berlin and Lynch was left behind.

Lynch found work in a pub which provided him with accommodation and enough free time to paint.  It wasn’t long before his paintings were being snapped up by the pubs clientèle.

Having saved up enough money and with canvas under his arms, he headed to Brittany and fell in love with its shoreline.

His first successful show being in Nantes followed by a show in Pornic which sold well to his surprise to English holiday makers which encouraged him to return to the UK.

Having outgrown the London scene he headed for the coastline of Wales in 1977 where he continued using his childhood influences painting the small fishing communities and local landscapes.  It was the coastline and ever-changing light which anchored his work predominantly to the sea shore.

Although he still owns his family home, which he inherited, he still keeps on the move, going from coastal town to coastal town recording the daily lives of communities dependent on the sea.

Lynch has become renowned for his quirky titles for his pieces which have included; “After fish and chips”, “Leaving next Tuesday”, “Stole a deck chair for Mum” and “Lost my B&B”.

As well as painting the sea, Lynch’s pieces have also featured places of worship, such as his piece “Canterbury Tale”.

Lynch continues to travel throughout the UK, Ireland, Brittany and the low-countries.

Lynch’s influences include Monet, Turner and Dylan Thomas.  Lynch has many places close to his heart, but the coastal town of Whitstable and surrounding areas in Kent have featured in many of his most popular pieces.

Catalogues raisonne

Since signing with stopped and stared we have started to generate a catalogues raisonne for Lynch’s work created after May 2013.

Title                            Medium                   Size                  Year

Canterbury Tale          Oil on canvas          36″ x 48″          2013 

If you have any information which would assist in making this complete with earlier pieces, please get in touch.