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Neal’s Journey

Born in 1962, Brett was a British artist who created a diverse body of work for over 30 years. Notably, his achievements over the years include a host of portraits of the great and good. Overwhelmingly, the artist is known for his love of perfection and simplicity.

Working at Stringfellows Brett was involved in Gay Nights at the Hippodrome where he routinely met the likes of

Simon White – Billy Gaff – Marque Club

Brett did some paintings of pop icons which were displayed on the walls of the Marque Club.

Limahl”, who had a huge worldwide hit in 1984

Basil Horsefield – Sir John Pritchard – Terrence MacInnes

Brett studied formerly in the UK, followed by various apprenticeships in wood sculpting and gilding, painting restoration under Antonio Macedo, marble sculpture in Italy, etching and stained glass in France.

For many years starting in 1985, Brett moved between France and the US creating commissioned portraits in both oil and marble for esteemed patrons. He eventually opened a gallery and workshop in Vence, France with a large staff assisting in the production and sales of his art.

Richard Claiderman sister

Richard Peace Hand 2002

Despite his success, Brett grew disillusioned with the art world and felt it became too bureaucratic. He explains: “I felt I was no longer an artist – I was running a business. So I went back to what I am best at, with paint and a brush.”

In 2006 Brett moved back to Asia, where he was born and raised.

Brett Neal wasn’t at all impressed by the concept of art as something pretentious. Adhering to his ideology, much of Brett’s recent work is a spin on that of the great masters of the modern world. Within a context that doesn’t seem to make sense, he incorporates famous images of Picasso, Debuffet, Lichtenstein and Matisse into his paintings and sculptures, teasing viewers out of their comfort zone and bringing forth questions like “what makes sense?” and “who defines it?”

Channeling the great pop artists of the 20th century Brett’s latest Ultramixer series features humorous juxtapositions, combining fine art imagery with a jumble of vintage cartoons, advertising and memorabilia – reminding us not to take art too seriously.

RedSea Gallery, Singapore.

Threads unexplored/unexplained:


Quentin Crisp during the hippodrome years

Boy George at the flat party where Michael Rudetsky died and everyone ran away.  Simon N-B picked Brett up around the corner.

Elton John/John Read

George Michael

Francis Bacon

Art Director of the Monacco Opera House

Simon Cowel

Jools Holland

Eddie Kid (who apparently liked  being shagged by men)

Bob Geldoff

Judie Dench and Helen Mirren Princess Margaret via Alan Warren

John Guilgud and Alec Guinness (maybe also Alen Warren)