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The catalogues raisonne is a definitive document of the artists body of work.

It normally details:

  • Images
  • Medium i.e. oil, watercolor, etching, etc.
  • Dimensions – for works on paper the dimensions may include image size, plate size where applicable, and paper size.
  • For prints, a description of the various states (i.e. each time the artist modified the matrix from which the print was made) and a description of each edition of the various states.
  • A discussion of related works (where applicable) by the same or other artists and in some cases a commentary by a curator as to what the artist is exploring in the work.
  • Provenance (the names of former owners, dealers who were involved in the sale of the piece, and shows where the piece has been exhibited.) This may give some credibility to the authenticity of the work.
  • List of the literature (“literaturverzeichnis”) that discusses the work
  • Condition reports. This only applies to unique items such as oils or watercolors. With multiples (e.g. prints, some cast works, etc.) the condition would not be reported unless the pieces were of extreme scarcity.
  • Title

In addition, the catalogue often contains:

  • An introductory essay discussion of the artist’s life (generally shorter than a whole monograph on the artist)
  • Disputed, questionable and spurious works
  • Example signatures